Manager Services – A One In All Services for Property Managers. We are a locally owned company providing services for Property Managers in the San Antonio Area.


Initial Move In Orientations.
– Move Out Inspections and Code Update. As outgoing tenants vacate – we can perform all of these tasks on a newly vacant home:

  • Do a full visual inspection with a 360-degree camera utilizing Zinspector software, branded as Manager Services.
  • Bring the property to code by installing the Icore lock system.
  • Install keyless deadbolts.
  • Install access (keyless) doorknobs.
  • Install door viewers.
  • Update smoke detectors. (change batteries – or change smoke detectors, install new ones where needed if missing)
  • Replace Air Filters for the HVAC System.
  • Fill water softener salt as needed.

– New Property Inspections and Code Work:

  • Baseline Inspection (should be charged to owner)
  • Property to Code – Lock Change – Smoke Detectors – Door Viewers.

– Periodical Inspections:

  • Tenant Occupied Inspections – Executed by a full-time technician driving a Manager Services Logo’ed Van. 360 Degrees Zinspector formatted inspections.
  • Code Updates – Smoke Detectors – Air Filters – Softener Salt


Some of the benefits of using our services as a Property Management Company:

  • Using a neutral 3rd party company that is insured, background checked, driving company vehicles with techs wearing company shirts and ID.
  • ONE CALL to get your inspections and lock code work done with one visit – and one invoice!
  • Putting your company on the ICore lock system – offering a safer lock system than your competitors and giving your owners/tenants more piece of mind that their home is secure. (Only Manager Services can make additional keys)
  • Master Key System. Your team will have a master key to all of the homes under the ICore system.