Move-In Orientation checklist

1. Smoke Detectors- Beeping sound means you will need to change the battery inside.

2. Water Softener- Check every few months to see the salt level. The recommended level of salt is 50-75% of the container.

3. Air Filter- Check every month to see if you need to replace the filter. The recommended time frame of replacement the filter is between 1-3 months.

4. GFCI/Breakers- In all wet areas of the home have outlets that are GFCI protected. If the outlet stops working then hold the reset button on the outlet for 2-5 seconds. Any other electrical issue, go to the breaker box and flip the certain breaker to the on position.

5. Fire Place- Make sure vent is open before starting a fire. If gas operated, Make sure gas is turned all the way of once finished with fire. After a few hours of the fire being out, then you should shut the vent.