Inspection: Vacant Home Inspection – Move-In Orientation – Tenant Inspection

Vacant Home Inspection: Manager Services goes thru the entire home to conduct a visual inspection. We utilize a 360′ degree camera to capture the home as a whole. As we conduct the inspection, we check for compliance issues with the Texas Property Rental code. After the 360′ camera portion, the tech goes room by room to find any discrepancies with the home, from mismatched paint to damage to the home. We look for every detail to make your report as accurate as possible.

Move-In Orientation: Manager Services utilizes a 360′ degree camera to capture the entire home, inside all garages and regular photos to capture the backyard before the tenant has moved/settled in. After the inspection portion, the tech walks thru the home with the tenant to provide detailed and informative information about the preventable maintenance of the home. We show the tenants where the breaker box, water shut off valve, Air filters, smoke detectors, water softener are located in the home and more. We also show the tenant how/when to change the Air filters, how to replace batteries in the smoke detectors, how to add salt in the water softener, and how to shut off the water to the home in case of an emergency.

Tenant Inspection: Manager Services conducts a walks thru while utilizing the 360′ degree camera to capture every aspect of the home. During the inspection, the tech looks for any discrepancies with the home. Including landscaping, odors in the home, compliance issues, preventable maintenance check, and pets/sign of pets in the home.

Code work: Texas Rental Property compliance
Code work: Manager Services conducts a compliance check to make sure the home is up to Texas rental property code. With this check the tech’s look at all Smoke detectors, Door height requirements, keyless deadbolts, Door viewers, and Sliding glass door requirements. If there is anything out of compliance with the home, then we can correct that mistake right then and there.

Rekey: Upgrade all home entry locks
Rekey: Manager Services has changed the whole rekey system that most people use. We upgrade your old locks to a Durable commercial grade IC Core Lock! With this IC Core lock, the home is even more secure, will save you money on the rollover cost, and Manager Services has total key control, so you know how many keys are out there for each home. For more information about the IC Core Locks, please feel free to contact us.

Extras: Additional services
Other services: Manager Services can also provide these additional services while we are at your property.

Air Filter replacement
Please note that Manager Services will not be responsible or liable for A/C Filter replacement that are located in attics.

Add Water softener salt